Company Policies


The oversight commitee has met again and has determined that it is just plain silly to have absolutely no policies. However, since all previous policies and information was destroyed by a small band of engineers last week, the oversight commitee has appointed a special steering commitee to come up with a plan to reintroduce company policies. Until such a time as company policies are once again in effect, common sense shall rule. If an employee has no common sense, then they will be immediately terminated (definition of terminated has yet to be determined).

Since policies restrict freedom, all company policies are hereby repealed. While at first this may seem as a breeding ground for choas and anarchy, further thought pretty much confirms this. Even still, the new policy of having no policy remains in effect until such a time that the oversight committee can look into this and determine how such a thing happened in the first place. Additional documenation can be found in /dev/null.

I thank you for your understanding and cooperation.